Video: What Is Next For Pain Medications

Feedback for pain management options to the CDC caused it to recently flood with comments regarding medical marijuana and kratom.
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control was wanting stakeholders opinions regarding their personal experiences with pain and a variety of different pain management.
Although the Center was not specifically asking about cannabis or kratom they found people commented about how the two were safer options compared to opioids. It is estimated one in ten Americans struggle from unresponsiveness to a variety of pain medications or the severe side effects that come along with taking them.
There have been several studies of how cannabis has not only helped Americans with opioid withdrawals but also shown 64 to 75 percent use a lower dosage while also using marijuana. With these statistics, legalizing medical marijuana could help the opioid problem across America. Tell us what you think. Don’t forget to share and subscribe. Tune in to the Cannabis Newsroom, every Sunday at 6pm on Roku.

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