Video: How to use our Kratom Cartridge Test

Kratom Drug Test

Reliable and accurate kratom urine drug test
This kratom drug test cartridge test detects kratom levels in the body.
Tests for kratom in urine at 500 ng/ml cutoff level
Easy to use with clear results
Results show within 5 minutes or less with 99% accuracy
It works by allowing the test administrator to extract the urine specimen using a dropper.
Kratom Drug Tests are also available in a Drug Testing Strip.

Why Test for Kratom using Kratom Cartridges?

Today, Kratom is fairly easy to acquire. At this time, it is not listed as a controlled substance. However, due to its opioid-like effects and widespread use, it is still considered a drug of concern by the FDA.

Long term Kratom use has resulted in effects such as insomnia and hyperpigmentation of the cheeks, skin irritation in response to the ingestion of the substance.

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