Video: 'How To' Operate a Margarita/Slushy Machine

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General Operating Instructions:

1. Plug machine into a 120 volt, 20 amp dedicated circuit. A 20 amp. circuit has a “sideways T” on the left-hand side. No extension cords should be used.

2. Fill the bowls with chilled product. Fill to the “MAX” mark; do not overfill.

3. In the case of products diluted with water, pour water in first, and then add the correct quantity of product, or premix product before filling machine.

4. Place covers over the bowls. Covers must remain in place while machine is running, only remove to add additional product.

5. Set power switch to “I position”, ON.

6. Activate the mixing parts/auger switches; they correspond to the “N” shaped symbols.

7. For Frozen beverage, activate the Freeze switches, they correspond to the “snowflake” symbols. (Activate in addition to mixing parts/auger switches).

8. For cold beverage, activate the Refrig. switches, they correspond to the “wave” symbols. (Activate in addition to mixing parts/auger switches).

9. For Standby mode, follow same procedure as for Cold beverage.
Wait about 30 to 45 minutes. Dispense a sample of the product to check for consistency.

10. Always leave the machine on. Refrigeration stops automatically when product reaches the proper thickness (the mixers will continue to turn).

11. Add additional product (and water) to bowls when they become half full. Keep product level above the “MIN” mark.
Keep machine out of direct sun light.

12. At end of event, run product out. First, set machine to Cold beverage/Standby. Then, drain remaining product out of bowls. Last, run clear water (NOT hot water, hot water could damage machine) through the machine. CaterRent will sanitize machine when it is returned.

– Always check power to be sure the machine is getting enough to run properly. If you are using an extension cord, eliminate it and plug the machine in directly. Also insure the machine is the ONLY thing in use on this 20 amp circuit.

– If product is to be left in the bowls overnight, the machine must be left ON and set to Standby mode. Or, if the machine is to be turned OFF with product in the bowls, the machine must be set to Standby mode at least 1 hour before the machine is turned OFF; this ensures the product won’t freeze into a solid block of ice.

– Having trouble? We have an on-call technician available to our rental customers. If after following the above instructions you require assistance with the equipment, call 612-436-1499.

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