Botanical Kratom Tea Steeping Pitcher – 1 Gallon

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Make 2x Stronger Kratom or Kava Tea like the Bars!

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Brew Kratom Tea by putting 120 grams of Kratom in strainer bag in pitcher. Tie your favorite flavored tea bags to the bridges on strainer bag (green tea,lemon/ginger tea is good)

Add a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of lemon juice or citric acid, turmeric,Cayenne pepper Add 1 gallon of Hot Water (150 degrees F), Twist bag Clockwise, Squeeze softly with Tongs for 10min Let sit & steep & cool down for 3 hours then refrigerate or drink after 3 hours.

Once you drink it all, leave brewed kratom in strainer bag, refill with half as much Kratom (60 grams) tea bags, hot water and its 80% as strong

Makes 1 gallon of Kratom Tea for $21 (128 ounces) Kratom bar sells for $11-$14 (16oz) x 8 drinks the pitcher makes which would cost($88-$112) @ a kava bar Every time you go to serve pickup strainer bag and agitate with tongs


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